Our solar panels and inverter products offer guaranteed high performances under real conditions throughout all seasons. You can trust in our products European industry leading standards delivered by Australian owned companies.

Solar Panels

Not all solar panels are created equal. We research extensively over the best panels the world has to offer to supply to you. Only those that hold up to our harsh Australian environment with proven long term performance output do we deem good enough.

Our trusted brands include Q Cells, Seraphim, REC, Jinko and Powerwave.


AKA the brains of the solar system. This is where solar energy produced by your panels gets converted to ac electricity to be utilised by your home or business and the excess exported back to the grid for an agreed price with your retailer. We partner only with brands that continue to push the boundaries of innovation while maintaining durability.

Our packages feature the value and superior quality of Sungrow and Fronius brand invertors.

Our Solar Packages

Value Residential
6.6kW Solar Package

Our Sungrow solar energy packages offer unbeatable value for money without sacrificing quality

Premium Residential
10kW Solar Package

European designed products like Fronius and Q Cells deliver industry leading technology and premium quality

Custom Commercial
Premium Solar Solutions

These premium solar packages designed up to 30kW present cash flow positive investment for businesses
*Performance figures are estimated based on CEC Guidelines and variances occur. We provide 12 year Installation warranty and 25 year Product warranty. Please speak to your Solwave Energy consultant to make an informed decision about your solar needs and potential cost savings.


Solwave Energy continue to provide premium quality solar packages throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

European Quality

Innovation, durability & performance are at the core of every Solwave Energy solar power system. German and European made panels and invertors have earned their reputation as the world’s best.

All Weather Technology

Rest assured knowing that even in low light and wet weather conditions our high quality solar panels will still produce power. With split cell technology our solar panels will also perform in shaded conditions.

Excellent Returns

On average a solar system in Queensland will save you up to $2000 a year, maybe more. Our team at Solwave Energy will help you secure the best feed in tariff to maximise your returns.

Standards that you can trust

We are so confident in the standard of our solar energy installations that we proudly provide industry leading warranty periods to protect your investment. Supported by our products 25 warranties and our after sales program ‘peace of mind’ is guaranteed.

We understand that Government rebates for solar packages can fluctuate often which can dramatically affect the final cost. That’s why here at Solwave Energy we lock in your agreed price for 30 days, ensuring this is never a problem you’ll need to worry about.

Government Rebates
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