When it comes to solar energy it’s important to understand exactly what  your options are and the specifics can make all the difference.

Even though solar energy has been available for years, still many of our customers have questions they need answered before making the investment into solar power. Here are a few common questions we hear from our customers.

  • In most cases when considering solar energy our customers first question is, how much will their solar panels cost? Unfortunately, that isn’t always a straight answer as it ultimately depends on multiple factors.

    Some contributing costs include how many panels are used and their efficiency. It also depends on which brand of system your contractors use.

    In general, a typical 6 kW system costs $4,400 after consumer rebates. However, each newer generation of panels offers reduced expenses, and as long as the sun keeps shining the return far exceeds any costs.

    Although the upfront price may seem shocking at first, it’s comparable to other appliances. Plus, it is the most affordable way to reduce monthly expenses for years to come.

  • After asking what they need to spend, then our customers want to know what they’re going to save. Again, this answer depends on the size of your home and your everyday power use.

    That being said, solar panels are the most direct way of keeping your home energy efficient. Standard systems such as our 6.6kW solar system installed in QLD will generate on average 25kWh per day.

    Producing that much energy, and at 40% self consumption, will save you a minimum $1600 per year*! Your family both uses less municipal power, and can receive energy credits.

    Without the continually rising cost of fossil fuels, your expenses mostly remain the same. When you need to maximise your households’ utility savings, you need to speak with us.

    *Based off standard 23c buy price and 15c feed in tariff. Correct at time of content input, subject to possible change.

  • In short, yes! One reason why some homeowners have a bad experience with solar is because of non-accredited installers. That is not a problem you will experience with our team at Solwave Energy.

    All of our solar panel installers are CEC Accredited and adhere to all requirements of both the CEC and Australia. These requirements include best practices and responsibilities when offering our services.

  • If your panels have been installed at a pitch allowing for proper runoff, then they will be self-cleaning. Although in environments that are excessively dusty or have issues with mould, birds, other wildlife or even tree sap. Then we do recommend you get your panels cleaned to maintain optimum productivity from your system.

    If you would like your panels cleaned call 1300 727 057 or email hello@solwaveenergy.com.au today and we will happily provide you with a quote.

  • Yes, you sure are! Our team here at Solwave Energy meet every requirement and you will be eligible for rebates with us.

    Systems that output less than 250MWh per year and are under 100kW are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC). It’s not means-tested and is accessible by everyone whether you’ve previously accessed a rebate or not. In order to receive your STC your system itself must adhere to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) design and install guidelines, using only panels and inverters approved by CEC, while being compliant with required standards.

  • When you have a solar storage battery installed, it will increase your costs. However, it isn’t something that needs to be completed right away.

    Any quality solar system needs to use a storage battery, otherwise your panels waste the power you don’t use.

    Commercial buildings, especially, need to have storage batteries to prevent power outages. However they can be installed later.

    Have your panels installed today, save some costs over time and we can install a battery later.

  • Solar power is 100% environmentally friendly. The process of generating electricity from solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases and won’t cause pollution.

    A great reason to change to solar is it’s easy to do at a small scale with no additional setup costs other than installation and the system itself.

    Collecting sunlight reduces your production of greenhouse gases. Your glass panels absorb sunlight, which then is converted into standard power wattages.

    Every household that installs solar panels is another one that doesn’t require grid access. The more people who choose green energy, the fewer pollution buildings will produce.

If you have any other questions say hello@solwaveenergy.com.au or call 1300 727 057

Getting started with your new solar energy system:

Our in-house clean energy council accredited electricians & solar specialists are expertly trained to educate and guide you through our unique and proven design and installation approach which is individually tailored to each location to gain you the best possible solar output.

Once you get in touch with us you can expect the following:

  • Our trademark communication and commitment to the best possible result for you.
  • Full energy assessment of your property including our aerial imaging software to assess the correct size system to match your goals.
  • We help you choose the best quality system to meet your budget.
  • We manage the project end to end, you literally don’t need to lift a finger.
  • Friendly installation team who wont leave until you fully understand the operation of your new solar system.
  • You can expect full completion and connection to the electricity grid within 1-4 weeks.
  • After installation support should you need any further assistance.

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