Solwave Energy is a team of experienced, accredited and dedicated solar power specialists. Based on the Gold Coast, servicing Brisbane and Northern NSW, our commitment to our customers is the driving force of the pride we take in our service.

Solar Energy Specialists
Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northen NSW

Australian households throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW are positioned as some of the most fortunate to benefit from shifting to solar power  due to the dynamic combination of our exposure to the sun, along with current government incentives.

Solwave Energy is committed to this vision for the future, uplifted by the potential of such a healthy and positive wave of change.

Our Commitment

A switch to solar really is so simple and in our eyes necessary to combat the ever rising cost of electricity. We Empower you with the knowledge to make an informed choice so your investment continues to work for you.

Our Guarantee

Solar energy delivers immediate financial benefits, as well as long-term savings. Our systems will help you cut back on power bills, and pay back your initial investment before you know it.

Why go solar?

South East Queensland is known for its beautiful sunny weather, yet still today many homeowners don’t take advantage of just how beneficial it can be in our everyday lives. The sun stores a tremendous amount of energy and the latest solar systems on the market make harnessing this energy simple and affordable. And the savings on your power bills will last for years to come too – especially as the cost of electricity is expected to continue to rise. Secure consistent and free electricity from your solar panels today, and you’ll be thanking yourself for decades.

Protect our delicate ecosystem

Greenhouse gas emissions poison the earth and damage our atmosphere. The flow on effect of global warming has far reaching consequences that interrupt our food chain and water supply. This goes to the heart of human survival and cannot be ignored.

Slash your power bills

With family annual power bills at least $2,000 per year, a solar system for your home will deliver significant savings in the short and long term – real, tangible, immediate benefits.

Put choice back into your own hands

Corporate energy giants are committed to their profits with a monopoly on energy prices that we have no option but to submit to. Take advantage of the mandated financial responsibility given to fossil fuel generators to provide financial support for renewable energy solutions. Claim your financial offset and take your power back.

Enjoy greater returns

Excess energy generated by your solar system is fed back into the grid, which is then bought from you by the energy retailers. These feed in tariffs add even more savings to your energy bill and support the use of clean energy production for all.

Government Rebates
Serious savings right now!

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        Government Rebates

        Serious savings right now!